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Feeder were originally formed in 1992 in Wales but the present line-up came together in London in 1995 when South Walians Grant Nicholas and Jon Lee decamped to London and found bassist Taka Hirose (from Tokyo) in the musicians ads Loot. Signing soon after to Echo, the band started touring - something they've rarely stopped doing over the last four years.

A mini-album entitled 'Swim' (released Spring 1996) made a lasting impression on the UK's rock scene - the band's heavy guitars and sugarsweet melodies encapsulated within 'Swim''s six songs. More touring around the country followed as the band quickly built up a fanatical following.

A set of singles previewed the band's debut album proper, 'Polythene', released in May 1997. Album Of The Year in Metal Hammer, 'Polythene' captured the band's thrilling, overdriven rock sound and featured live favourites 'Descend' and 'My Perfect Day' Over the Summer Feeder played festivals accross the country, featuring a new song, entitled 'High', in their set. This soon became the band's anthem, Feeder's 'team song' even. Released as a single in October 1997 it was the band's biggest hit - reaching number 24 and receiving blanket daytime radio play.

'High' was ultimately patched on the 'Polythene', and in Spring 1998 Feeder interrupted a mammoth US tour for a set of heroic, homecoming UK shows that culminated with two nights at the Astoria in London. Heroic simply put because Grant Nicholas cracked a cheekbone halfway through the tour, but the band played on.

For the rest of 1998 Feeder continued a rigorous North American touring schedule (125 dates all in all) including countless Summer Radio Shows (the US equivalent of the UK Festival), before returning to the UK to record the second album in RAK Studios in London. 'Yesterday Went Too Soon' was mixed in early 1999 in New York by Grant and Andy Wallace, who's previous credits had included Nirvana's 'Nevermind' and Slayer's 'Reign In Blood', amongst others.

A Spring 1999 tour (during which time Jon Lee broke his ankle, but the tour continued, of course) saw Feeder play songs from 'Yesterday Went Too Soon' for their passionate fans for the first time. Two more top forty hit singles were released before 'Yesterday Went Too Soon' entered the album charts at number seven. The album saw a further advancement of Grant Nicholas' song writing, featuring gorgeous ballads ('Tinseltown', the title track), explosive power pop ('Insomnia', 'Waiting For Changes') and quirky tunes ('Day In Day Out', 'Picture Of Perfect Youth'). In October, Feeder played their biggest headlining dates yet, culminating in a show at Brixton Academy.

Over the course of the year, the band had played in front of huge crowds on the bills of Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, Mt. Fuji Festival in Japan and the Ashton Court Festival in Bristol, which the band headlined in front of a 25,000 crowd. The year ended on another high, as the band celebrated New Years 1999 on the bill of the Manic Millennium at the Millennium stadium in Cardiff.

Feeder headlined a prestigious night at the NME Carling Premier Awards shows in London in January 2000. The band toured Australia for the first time and Jon Lee got married in Miami.

The rest of 2000 saw Grant write their third album and the band spent the Summer recording in Great Linford Manor in Buckinghamshire with Gil Norton (Pixies, Foo Fighters) at the helm.

2001 has so far been Feeder's best year yet. The insanely catchy 'Buck Rogers' entered the charts at number 5, their highest chart position. It also became a bona fide radio anthem in the process. Two sets of sold out touring in March and April culminated with two shows overstuffed, celebratory shows at the London Astoria.

A second single, 'Seven Days In The Sun' saw Feeder travel Cape Town to record a memorable beach-based video. It provided the band with their second Top Twenty hit of the year (#14), and was swiftly followed by the release of the band's third album 'Echo Park', which debuted at Number 5 and has swiftly sold over 100,000 copies, awarding the band a Gold Disc. Coincidentally both 'Polythene' and 'Yesterday Went Too Soon' have clicked over into Silver Disc territory, with total sales of over 60,000 each.

'Echo Park' is widely considered to be one of the most accomplished British rock albums of recent times. It's exuberant 'pop' songs ('Buck Rogers', 'Tell All Your Friends') are balanced by reflective moments ('Oxygen', 'Piece By Piece') and some of Feeder's thrillingly heaviest stuff yet ('Standing On The Edge' and 'Bug'). A new single 'Turn' is released on July 2nd. Feeder play T In The Park and the Reading and Leeds Festivals this Summer.


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