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 Roland tr 808 

The TR-808 is a classic analog drum machine. It is the signature sound used in most R&B and hip-hop as well as a lot of dance and techno music. Its drum sounds include the most famous resonating low kick, the snappiest snares, low/mid/hi toms, low/mid/hi congas, rimshot, claves, hand clap, maracas, cowbell, cymbal, open hihat, and closed hihat. The sounds have a very thin and pure quality and aren't grungy like the TR-909. Booming bass kicks, crispy snares and that typical cowbell sound made famous during the 80's are all part of the 808 and its famous sound.

All of the sounds can be edited and/or tuned and have individual outputs. Unfortunately it is not MIDI equipped but it does use DIN Sync. Clearly this has been one of the most important and famous drum machines in the history of music.